Thursday, November 3, 2011

My dreams and my reality.

I have a dream.
I dream of a little self built, off grid cabin on a hill.
I dream of a red barn full of hay and tools and animals.
I dream of pasture land and a dense forest.
I dream of a handmade life.
I dream of family.
I dream of being a homesteader.

I am not there yet. There is still a long road ahead of me, but everyday the dream becomes clearer. Everyday I am just a little closer to what I seek.

We have a plan.

In the mean time. We live mostly on the road. We bought our camper so we could take home with us as we travel the country for The Linemans job. Right now we are at a pit stop. Shelby, IA is not the destination but we will be here for a few years. While we are here I am working hard and paying off our debts, building up our savings, and learning everything I can. I am making decisions, but mostly I am dreaming.

Dreaming of my forever home.

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