Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review of Challenge Book 1. Food Rules by Michael Pollan

Food Rules by Michael Pollan
I adored this book. It was a quick, easy, common sense book. I have been on so many diets that made eating so complicated but this book makes way more sense!
It starts off with a very simple rule: Eat Food.
I know, this sounds obvious right? However, most of the stuff at the typical grocery store is not, in fact, food! Mr. Pollan calls it edible foodlike substances. I love that description. If it comes in a bag or a box or a jar, chances are it is an edible foodlike substance. Not Food.
The rest of the book gives you more rules and guidelines to help you choose between real food and edible foodlike substances.
Here are a few of my favorites.
#7 Avoid Food Products Containing Ingredients That a Third-Grader Cannot Pronounce.
#15 Eat Foods Made from Ingredients That You Can Picture in Their Raw State or Growing in Nature.
     -This one had me giggling as I tried to picture the raw and natural state of a Twinkie!
#21 If It Came from a Plant, Eat It; If It Was Made in a Plant, Don't. 
#22 It's Not Food if It Arrived Through the Window of Your Car.
     - I love this rule! How many of you thought that stuff in the paper bag was food? You have been fooled!
#45 Eat All the Junk Food You Want as Long as You Cook It Yourself
     -This is one rule that I will be following! I do not have the gumption to make cookies and cakes and pies and whathaveyou every dadgum day!
#65 Give Some Thought to Where Your Food Comes From.
     - I love the idea of consciously appreciating where the food you consumed has come from. Mr. Pollan quotes a Zen blessing that I think I will be adopting myself. "This meal is the labor of countless beings, let us remember their toil." Simple yet profound wisdom. 
Which brings us to the final rule in the book:
#83 Break The Rules Once in a While.
     -I think that may be one of the most important rules in there. "Everything in moderation, including moderation." 

This book is not only rules about what to eat but also how to eat. The rules are easy and make a lot of sense. No complicated meal plans here. Just eat food.

I have had a soft spot for Michael Pollan books for years and this book did not disappoint! I highly recommend it as a light, informative read for anyone interested in a healthier way of life.

Love and encourage each other,

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