Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thank yous

I always have the best intentions of getting thank you cards before the holidays start and writing them up and sending them out before the new year dawns. I think there is a rather frank expression regarding best of intentions.

I still plan on getting the thank you cards and getting them out but for now I will have to resort to the all time worst thank you format in my opinion. Email.

I should restate that.

I personally prefer to not send thank yous via email. In my opinion it is impersonal at best. This is not a judgement on others and please don't take it that way. It is a recent change of opinion for me. The more time I spend learning about homesteading and handmade lifestyle choices the more I want to simplify and do more by hand without the use of electronic helpers. It's not all bad, don't get me wrong. There are many great things that come from the interwebs and I have enjoyed and partaken of many of them. I just feel like I want to pull away a bit and regain a little personal communication.

So today I will finish emailing the thank yous, and when I go to the big city this week I will pick up Thank you cards to be sent to everyone that thought of me this year. It will give me a good excuse to practice my handwriting (which has become atrocious in the last few years).

Love and encourage each other,

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